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Gabe Newell Reddit AMA, Black Ops 3 + Arkham Knight Details

Acer XB270HU - 144Hz, 1440p, IPS, G-Sync, 4ms response. The Perfect Monitor?

Steam paid mods controversy, Acer’s Ultrawide Curved G-Sync monitor; Comcast + TWC

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Batman: Arkham Knight - Those Who Follow You - Trailer Score

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Reveal - Trailer Score

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Battlefield 3 Game Trailers Video Review

For the better part of a year, EA has been hyping Battlefield 3 as the game that will bring down Call Of Duty. Does EA's modern military shooter deliver the complete experience? Watch the video review now and tell us what your think.

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Posted 24th of October, 2011
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CCS Kick-off Season Finals - karrigan: "It is my biggest win [ever]"

CCS Kick-off Season Finals - TobiWan: "CS:GO doesn't need a TI"

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